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10. Bodywork

Posted by scott on October 15, 2012 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The car has been on the road and now it is time to start the second stage of the restoration, Bodywork. This involves replcing some panels and fixing/filling/welding others.

The first and most noticable panel that needed work was the front headlamp surround panel, which has been removed and we are about to fit the new panel. Whilst the front panel was removed we made the most of it and painted the areas that were now easily accessible after preparing the areas with sand paper, wire brush, etc.

The rear bumper bar has been removed and the bumper and plastic cover have been cleaned and painted.

There were some rust holes in the top of the front guards which have been cut out, had a repair panel cut out and welded in its place, been lead wiped and then bogged for a smooth finish.

This process has also been done for some rust spots on the doors.

The area on the front right guard that had been previously bogged has now been lead wiped for extra strength and is in the process of being bogged to the perfect shape.


Next jobs will be to fit the front panel and a rear panel, finish shaping bogged areas and then re-assemble parts.


Many more photos can be found in the Photos section of this website.


9. Rebellious Lights

Posted by scott on August 25, 2012 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The headlights have been mechanicaly restored and the lights are working however we have not yet figured out why the lights are not automatically raising when the headlights are turned on, we can manually raise them and they will stay up with the lights on and then go down when the lights are turned off but they will automatically come up. We have tried many things including fuses and contacts and will continue to troubleshoot until the problem is resolved. The guard/trim that hides the bottom of the windscreen and is under the wiper mounts has been cleaned and filled, then painted and now re-installed, aswell as the windscreen wipers. The heater matrix was leaking and has been bypassed to stop water coming into the footwell. We will have to remove the matrix and see if the problem is fixable, otherwise a new one will be ordered. The front bumper and Indicators are back on after being cleaned and painted. The bonnet is also on once again. One of the upcoming jobs is to bleed and replace the brake hoses becasue the current ones are probably 20-30 years old. we also have to fix the front suspension rubbers and subframe bushes. The petrol filler pipe has also got to be properly attached and the black plastic trim that goes around the petrol cap has to be fitted.




8. Running Again

Posted by scott on June 20, 2012 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

After seeing that the engine would run and having several water leaks, especially from the water pump, we have repaired the water pump and other leaks.

The water pump was removed after some problem solving because the brass cage would not come out nicely at first. the water pump shaft was severely corroded and has been repaired. all bearings, clips and washers/throwers associated with the pump have also been replaced and the pump was re-assembled. The in. manifold has been reinstalled and the car is now running again and running well. 

we have been restoring the metal bumper inner which is also severely affected by corrosion and required quite some sanding and filling. it is almost ready to have the plastic bumper put over it. The rear bump stops are now in place and the rear end suspension and fuel tank, etc. are all now in good condition.

The headlight motors were not lifting the lights but the headlights were turning on. After removing one of the headlight assemblies we can see that the motor had been working and had ground down the key that attaches it to the arm that raises the headlight and so it had been spinning freely. the hinge was jammed but is now free again. Hopefully the other motor will have similar circumstances. 


The Water pump housing and impeller after being machined.Photobucket

 Water Pump in place having be re-assembled.Photobucket

The water pump shaft having been repaired.

More photos can be found in the photos section of the website.

7. She Runs

Posted by scott on May 13, 2012 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Good news..... The Engine Runs

Yes. After finishing putting the final touches on the engine so that we could try and start it, the engine started. it was not quite that simple but after ome minor oil and petrol problems she burst into life.
(There is a video of the engine running in the Videos part of this site)

Jobs done since last blog:
Instal cam cover
Replace and connect new water hoses and petrol hoses
Timed the engine and ignition system
Connected spark plugs and leads
Connected new fuel tank filler pipe and breather in boot
Install Inlet Manifold
Replaced engine oil and gearbox oil

Here's the catch; once we put water into the cooling system it leaked out from the water pump drain slot in the engine and various other places too. a new water pump repair kit from rimmers has been ordered. shortly after the engine was running the in. manifold was off again and the water pump removed from the block. the water pump seems to have some pitting on the sealing face and the other water pump seals are not in too good shape. the water pump had to be removed and dismantled in several stages; removing the impeller and shaft, removing the brass cage and seperating the impeller and the shaft. we used a vice to push out the shaft from the impeller with some PVC pipe. The thrower seems to have merged with the shaft due to corrosion. 

Jobs done since engine has run;
Removed in. manifold
Disconnected most water hoses
Removed water pump housing
Removed water pump and cage and seperated impeller
Cleaned water pump
Replaced steeering column bushing

Jobs to do;
Repair water pump
Replace water t piece under in. manifold
Re-instal in. manifold
Connect hoses
Replace Diff. oil
Fit and replace suspension rubbers
Try again..


Water pump impeller and shaft. 


Water pump brass cage


Thrower and shaft heavily corroded.


Steering universal joint before replacing steering bush.

Many more plotos can be found in the PHOTOS section of this site

6. Nearly there

Posted by scott on May 4, 2012 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

It is coming close to the time that we can try and start this thing.

Recent jobs done include:

Fitting timing cover
fitting pulleys
putting head on
installed inlet manifold
installed exhaust manifold
installed radiator after painting
mounted fan assembly
mounted alternator
connected inlet manifold
Replaced most colling and heater hoses

Lots of things have been done so that the engine is almost ready to TRY and start

Jobs to do before starting engine:

finish installing all hoses
Fill car with fluids (petrol, oils and coolent)
plug in and connect spark plugs
fit rocker cover (cam cover)

Hopefully very soon we will be able to turn the car over and hope that it runs...
More pictures can be found in PHOTOS section of site.

Photobucket Pulleys, timing cover and radiator bottom mount. (above)

Photobucket engine with cam cover just sitting in place. (above)

Photobucket Fan, belt and rdiator installed.

5. Real Work

Posted by scott on April 22, 2012 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Starting to put the engine back together and replacing suspension bushes.


Some things that have been done:


Replaced rear suspension bushes and cleaned and painted tie bar, trailing arm, spring and anti-roll bar. Cleaned, painted and replaced bushes one side at a time to make it easier.


Replaced old water pump housing with new one from Rimmer Bro's and fitted it. Cleaned head faces, bores and all other internal engine surfaces.Drained sump oil and cleaned out sump with petrol. Put new Crankshaft sprocket on. Fitted head with a spacer and put timing chain on after some fiddling to get all of the positions right. When Fitting the head we covered all internal surfaces with paper and straws to prevent hylomar blue gasket compound from contaminating bores(picture in gallery). Also cleaned and painted Oil Filter cover and replaced filter.


Have Painted fan guard and lower support panel. will paint radiator and intall very soon.


Fuel Tank:
Raplaced Fuel tank with a second hand one becasue old one had many small holes in it.Also replaced fuel filler pipe/neck and sender. Painted new tank and had to lower one side of axle to remove and install new tank.


Cleaned rear half of underside of car and painted with a black body deadner paint. all rear end components including suspension, axles and differential have been cleaned, prep'd and painted.


Filled some minor holes in boot spare wheel well with a fibreglass putty and then sanded and painted blue. Replaced Gas struts to hold boot open.


For pictures see photo gallery


4. Part clean up and Order

Posted by scott on March 13, 2012 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

General cleaning of some engine parts and painting of some also. An order of parts from Rimmer Brothers arrived. Have cleaned up cylinder bore and area around for gasket. hopefully i will be able to put the head on soon.  (Gallery pictures have more info)PhotobucketPhotobucket

3. Engine Cleaning

Posted by scott on February 27, 2012 at 2:50 AM Comments comments (0)

General engine cleaning. also taking off parts like the bonnet, radiator and fanbelt assembly.


2. Delivery Day

Posted by scott on February 24, 2012 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The car was delivered on a tow truck (Best way to do it) and we were happy to see that there were not too many obvious problems with the car when we put it up on the hoist:)

(More photos in Gallery)Photobucket


1. First Look at car

Posted by scott on February 17, 2012 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (1)

First time seeing the car.  Having not been on the road since 1993 This car needs more than just some TLC. For certain we know that it has some minor and major rust issues in certain areas and that the engine will need a bit of work to get going. I am only hoping that this list wont grow too much over the course of its restoration. It was made in March '81.